Day 12--Perfectly Imperfect-- "Dynamic God" (Gen 28:10-30:43)
January 12, 2021, 10:00 AM

“I have found that there is nothing more exciting in life than being involved in the ministry of Jesus. It is so gracious of God to involve us, imperfect human beings, in his perfect plan.” Nicky Gumbel, founder of the Alpha program.

Oh Jacob, wildly imperfect Jacob!!! Sending his wife and children out ahead of him before meeting his brother Esau, whom he thought would kill him (in fairness, this might have actually guaranteed their safety, but to us it sounds like he’s using them to protect himself)—and that’s just in this portion that we read for today. We know Jacob’s entire, imperfect background, however, and it isn’t good—stealing blessings, unfairly gaining a birthright, tricking his own father—the list goes on, and yet God still chooses Jacob as Israel, the father of the great nation of chosen people. God has faith in Jacob. Imagine that.

I relate best to the portion where Jacob wrestles with the angel/God (Gen 32: 22-32) though. I have always had the feeling that hearing God’s voice, that following a faith tradition, that being a Christian, often involves wrestling with God, holding out for an answer or a blessing or some way of knowing that God is present with me. These verses are central to my life of faith, and they calm me down when I feel as if I am challenging God too much. The wrestling builds spiritual muscles, makes me focus, creates a space where I can be completely honest with God and trust that he can continue to make good use of the gifts he has given me to make a difference in this world.

You may ask about these imperfect people you are reading about, and you may feel like one of them as I do, but as Nicky said, how gracious of God to involve us imperfect humans to help carry out his perfect plan. We only have the micro-picture of God’s work. God has the Master plan. Let’s trust the Master today.

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