Day 13--Waiting on God- "Enduring Patience" (Gen 37-41)
January 13, 2021, 7:08 AM

Day 13—“Enduring Patience” Genesis 37 – 41

Today was an easy read because it was familiar—Joseph and his amazing coat. The jealousy of his brothers. The plot gone bad, and the grief of Jacob, Joseph’s father. And then the story of Joseph in a foreign land, without family, without advocate and yet God was present with him through all of his adventures, whether he was in jail after false accusations or sitting high on the throne as Pharaoh’s right hand man (oh, we could sing a little “Hamilton” right now, couldn’t we?)

But the theme for today is challenging, at least for me. Patience. Waiting for God’s time and not pushing ahead with my own plans until God makes clear what path to take. Just yesterday, some good friends of ours were talking about how they were waiting for God to reveal to them what path of ministry they are to take. They are frustrated. They have things they know they want to do. Yet it is clear that they are to wait. I am so impressed by that!!!

So often we think that we are supposed to do something--remember Sarah and Hagar? Sarah was not able to wait to see God's work, so she kind of 'helped' God along by telling Abraham to have a child with Hagar, and Hagar had a son, Ishmael. Note in today's reading that the people who buy Joseph and turn him into a slave are the--wait for it--Ishmaelites!! They are the descendents of Ishmael whose life was predicted to "be at odds with all his kinsman" (Gen 16:12). Hmmmm....interesting connections, aren't they?

Joseph patiently waited in the prison for years, unfairly convicted, until he was brought into Pharaoh’s presence and given back responsibility. But note: all along he was faithful to God, trusted God, and served God even while he was in prison. He clearly wanted to be released, and worked towards that, but while he was in prison he served others, cared for them and became a pastor to the prisoners.

Our contemplation for today from Henri Nouwen tells us that patience really means being completely present in each moment, not worrying about the past or rushing into the future. God has something ready for us in his time, and where we are right now is part of that plan.


01-13-2021 at 9:46 PM
Laura Ginter
Amen. Sometimes I have thought that I should be doing so much more and that God has a plan for me that I don’t know about yet. It really used to frustrate me greatly, but then I had an awakening, that, just as you said, while I am waiting for the answer I will continue to do His work in the place I am in. And then sometimes I wonder if maybe that’s His plan for me.! Thank you for your blog.
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