Day 8-The God Story (Genesis chaps 21-23)
January 8, 2021, 7:46 AM

I found it interesting that the contemplation at the end of our bible reading talked about the resurrection. After all, in the midst of the drama of Genesis, we are nowhere near the resurrection--or are we?

In two distinct places of our reading today, two boys are saved from death by God, Ishmael (considered the father of the Islam faith tradition) is saved as he and his mother, Hagar, are sent away to wander in the desert. And then we have the story of Isaac, which is always so difficult for us to read. What sort of God demands the sacrifice of a man's beloved son--but wait--this coming Sunday, the first Sunday after the Epiphany, we will hear from the gospel of Mark about the baptism of Jesus and the voice of God speaking "You are my son, the beloved".  Ishmael was saved. Isaac was saved. Both boys were beloved of God, as are each of us.

This challenging story prefigures--reminds us ahead of time, so to speak, of the ultimate sacrifice that God made with the death of his beloved son, Jesus, at the hands of those who opposed him. As we read our bibles, we will continue to get glimpses of Jesus ever present with God, and with the Spirit of God. In other words, the Trinity that is God will always be present throughout our entire bible.