About the Needy or Alone and Hungry ("NOAH") Program

The NOAH Community Meal Program, sponsored by St. John’s Episcopal Church, is a volunteer group that serves free meals to the public every Sunday in Johnstown, NY. The Regional Food Bank, St. John’s Episcopal Church, the Council of Churches of Fulton County, and other charitable organizations provide funding for food and supplies.

 NOAH was started at St. John’s Episcopal Church as a free community meal on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In 1992, volunteers took the initiative to expand the program to a weekly event, serving meals every Sunday of the year.  The name "NOAH' derives from those who benefited from the program: “Needy Or Alone & Hungry”.  The meals were prepared by volunteers and served to anyone needing companionship and a hot meal. The program still shuns any guidelines for participation – there are no questions asked.  Everyone that comes to our table is entitled to a meal.

Today, NOAH serves at least 700 meals each month.  This number has climbed to as high as 1400 per month in especially hard times. NOAH has grown into an ecumenical program, including volunteers from all of Fulton County, NY. There are fourteen teams of volunteers, many of them sponsored by local churches and service groups.  These teams prepare meals on a rotating basis throughout the year, all prepared and served at St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Operating funds for the NOAH program are obtained from generous donations from the members of the local parish and from gifts of other charitable organizations.  It also receives financial support from many individual and business members of the community.  If you are interested in volunteering for the NOAH program, please call St. John’s church office (518-762-9210) to volunteer your time and talent.  If you prefer to support us with funding, donations are graciously accepted – by mail to St. John’s Episcopal Church, P. O. Box 395, Johnstown, NY 12095.  Please note that it is for the NOAH program on the check.

Your generous support assures that the NOAH program will continue to expand well into the future.  All of our community will see a positive benefit and you will be giving directly to assist those in need.

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